Our Team

Who is DPAN?

We're the people who actually make an impact in changing the world for the better one project at a time. From the beginning the DPAN team has dedicated themselves to providing accessibility to mediums that were not. Over the years the organization and team has grown and have expanded their horizons to make everything accessible for everyone.

"I think it's time for a new perspective, one that only a deaf person can offer."

Sean <span>Forbes</span>

Sean Forbes

Matthew <span>Ruffino</span>

Matthew Ruffino

Lead Platform Developer
Karla <span>Gutierrez</span>

Karla Gutierrez

TruBiz Reporter
Jesse <span>Jones III</span>

Jesse Jones III

DTV News Anchor/Reporter
Jules <span>Dameron</span>

Jules Dameron

L.A. Production Director
Nick <span>King</span>

Nick King

Audio Engineer / Sound Designer
Chris <span>Smith</span>

Chris Smith

Audio Engineer / Composer
Josh <span>Castille</span>

Josh Castille

L.A. Production Swing
Nate <span>Qualls</span>

Nate Qualls

Graphic Designer
Mary <span>Dosch</span>

Mary Dosch

Voiceover and Captioning
Jillian <span>Sweet</span>

Jillian Sweet

Voiceover and Captioning

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