“Over 30 million Deaf/ Hard of Hearing people  in the United States have been largely excluded from meaningful access to news and information.”

The Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-PAN) a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization was originally founded to make music and music culture – the predominant shared language and experience of people worldwide – universally accessible by extending its reach to the Deaf and hard of hearing. Since 2006, D-PAN has pioneered the art form of creating high quality American Sign Language (ASL) music videos, translating the lyrics of popular songs through ASL.

D-PAN is now a household name in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community, as well as hearing people who are interpreters, educators, students, parents, and family.

  • Has become the gold standard in specialized music videos utilizing American Sign Language (ASL) for deaf audiences.
  • Has attracted millions of unique viewers for its ASL videos on You Tube alone.
  • Has developed a following of over 500,000 Deaf and hard of hearing fans and supporters nationwide
  • Has popularized the learning of ASL in schools across the country through the use of music and diversity as a shared common experience.

D-PAN.tv (The Sign Language Channel) was formed for a singular, essential purpose:To make quality news and information accessible to both the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and it’s supporters. At present, there are nearly 30 million Deaf/ Hard of Hearing people living in the United States who, despite their pronounced interest, have been largely excluded from meaningful access to news and information.

The Sign Language Channel intends to change this.

On March 7, 2016, D-PAN launched DPAN.TV, creating a go-to source for ASL related content. The highlight of the network is DTV News, featuring Deaf anchors who share national news in ASL along with captioning and voiceovers, making it truly accessible for all who watch. DPAN.tv also offers a variety of entertainment and educational content produced by, and starring some of the biggest names in the Deaf community.

D-PAN has established a full scale dedicated broadcast production and administrative facility in Ferndale, Michigan, now employing over 25 full and part-time Deaf/HoH individuals.

Please support us as we create an exciting new venue, create new opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing artists and professionals—and as we reshape the way the world thinks about Accessibility.