Sean Forbes “Perfect Imperfection” DELUXE Album


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D-PAN Co-Founder Sean Forbes' Debut Album “Perfect Imperfection”



D-PAN Co-Founder Sean Forbes’ Debut Album “Perfect Imperfection”

Includes CD and DVD


  1. We Interrupt This Program
  2. I’m Deaf
  3.  Crazy About You
  4. Do You Know What I Mean
  5. Chill Out Man (Interlude)
  6. Watch These Hands
  7. Def Deaf Girls
  8. Mood Swings
  9. Bob Dylan Was The First Rapper
  10. Hammer
  11. The Maze
  12. Let’s Mambo
  13. Don’t Let Anything Hold You Back
  14. Welcome (Interlude)
*Deluxe CD/DVD includes previously unreleased ASL Music videos for ‘Watch These Hands’ and ‘Crazy About You’

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